TICC provides information essential for survey, marketing and telephone traffic measurement purposes. It is an inexpensive, pocket sized instrument for counting the number of incoming calls to a telephone, PABX exchange line or extension. The unit maintains and displays separate totals for the overall number of incoming calls and the number that were answered. It eliminates cumbersome, time consuming and error prone pencil and paper recording methods. TICC is quickly and easily installed in a few minutes by non technical people, and in most cases, without the use of any tools.


Advertising effectiveness surveys
TICC provides up to the minute incoming call information. At the push of a button it displays the latest call figures, such as those to a telephone whose number is uniquely quoted in an advertisement. The volume of calls to such a number is a direct and accurate indication of the response to the advertisement.
The choice of format and medium (eg Yellow Pages, newspapers, direct mail etc.) for an advertisement or advertising campaign can be critical to its success and TICC can be the ideal partner in the survey process. Incoming telephone traffic monitoring and analysis. TICC has a time based call accumulating feature unique among such low cost instruments that makes it a truly useful traffic measurement and statistical tool.
The feature accumulates total incoming and answered calls in 24 separate displayable one hour slots. This provides not only the totals of answered and unanswered calls but also the volume within each of 24 one hourly slots, forming an accurate statistical picture of their cumulative distribution over a complete day. A typical and common application is in determining the adequacy of telephone/switchboard attendance arrangements and general business hours. A large volume of unanswered calls will suggest that changes
are needed. However, information on when they occur is essential as a guide to meaningful modifications. TICC’s ability to supply this information will ensure that changes made are appropriate and effective.

Equipment monitoring
TICC can monitor the operation of fax and answering machines, call diverters etc. It will confirm a suspected failure to reliably answer incoming calls by indicating the presence of unanswered calls.

Telephone opinion polls
Organisations such as TV or radio stations often conduct telephone opinion polls on topical issues. Typically the poll will contain only a single proposition with a Yes/No answer linked to two separate telephone numbers, monitored by call counting devices. Because of the low cost of the TICC, multiple proposition polls are now an affordable option.

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