Square One Laboratories is a privately owned Australian company. The company is focused on state of the art electronic and software design, development and manufacture of leading edge products and technologies.

The company has been operating continuously since its incorporation in the state of Victoria in
February 1992. Our employees have extensive engineering experience in electronic and software design and development. To date, Square One has successfully completed more than 150 contract projects including about 280 individual products.

Square One Laboratories has the following attributes which accent its suitability as a technology
source and/or partner.

  • Proven ability to take on and deliver major projects
  • Technology and skill base necessary to implement and enhance such projects
  • Unparalleled experience in the design and implementation of successful leading edge control and data acquisition equipment for the Automotive, Medical, Communications, Industrial and Agricultural markets
  • Square One offers long term support for its clients
  • The technology offered by Square One is world leading
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