Contract design & consultation expertise

Square One has extensive experience in contract design and consultation. We provide a complete solution from concept to a fully manufactured product. Our track record includes hundreds of successful designs used all around the world, covering diverse areas such as

  • Electro-medical therapeutic and analytical apparatus
  • Precision measurement instrumentation
  • RF communications to 2.4GHz including spread spectrum
  • Precision analogue circuitry design
  • Switch-mode power supplies design
  • Telecommunications including USB, data, voice and image
  • Industrial and agricultural automation including SCADA and remote monitoring
  • Satellite navigation
  • Financial transaction processing
  • In-vehicle electronics, including dashboard electronics and taxi metering
  • Extensive consumer electronics design experience
  • Extensive experience in subcontracting to the electronics R&D industry including cooperation with in-house engineering departments

Demonstrable high-level embedded software expertise with hard real-time operating systems (RTOS) and graphical user interface (GUI) using both commercial and propriety RTOS & GUI.  

Extensive design experience with embedded microprocessors - spanning 4, 8, 16 & 32 bit devices - and digital signal processors (DSP) including expert embedded software development encompassing the following families

  • Analog devices ADSP21xx DSP
  • ARM 7TDMI, 720, 920, StrongARM, XSCALE
  • Atmel 8051, AVR (Tiny, Classic & Mega)
  • Cypress AN21xx, CY7C63xx, CY7C646x
  • Dallas 8051derivatives, x520 &x420 secure uPs
  • Hitachi H8 (300 & 500), H8s, SH1, SH2 & SH3
  • Intel 8048, 8051, 80x86, 386ex, SA11xx, PXA2xx
  • NEC 17k, 75X(L), 78k(0,1,3), V20, V25, V30, V850
  • Philips 8051 and derivatives
  • Texas Instruments MSP430, TMS7xxx, TMS320C2xx DSP
  • Microchip 12Cxxx, 16C5xx, 16Fxxx, 18Cxxx
  • Motorola 68k, 56000 DSP



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